MasterMeditation™ Beginner Stage DVD

MasterMeditation™ Beginner Stage DVD
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This DVD covers the first three levels of MasterMeditation™.

Do you want to unlock the secrets of mind-over-matter masters, or are you simply interested learning to meditate? MasterMeditation™ will allow you to develop your desired level of mental skills at a pace that fits your lifestyle. This program is designed both to teach you how to meditate, and to guide you to set up a consistent program to achieve significant benefits. You will begin a process to ease meditation into your daily routine, and advance through higher levels of meditation.

Science shows that a consistent practice of meditation will:

• Reduce stress and strengthen emotional balance

• Increase mental focus and creativity

•Promote health and physical wellbeing

MasterMeditation™ allows you to progress to any level of meditation you desire. Learning meditative skills are easy. The challenge is always maintaining a routine and expanding your abilities. MasterMeditation™ has been design from the experience of teaching thousands of people like you. It is the next best thing to having your own personal mind-over-matter master. This application contains the first three levels of MasterMeditation™.

The skills are easy to learn and take little time to practice. Included are guided workouts for you to follow. It is not necessary to complete all the levels of MasterMeditation™ in order to have an effective meditation routine. Certifications are available for all levels of MasterMeditation™ by going to www.selfmastery .com.

Try out this cost-effective way to unlock the power of your inner mind.