Relax & Recharge™ DVD

Relax & Recharge™ DVD
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  • Extras: printable quick-reference sheets
  • Format: DVD video
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This DVD contains the first set in a series of exercises designed by Balance.point and the Self Mastery Foundation, especially for people who work in an office environment. It is equally suitable for people who sit for long periods at work, such as drivers and equipment operators.

The exercises are easy, practical, and effective.

Repeated exposure to stress-filled environments and situations can develop long lasting stress patterns that dominate your life.

The Self Mastery Foundation has developed several effective long term stress relief and management systems, that you will quickly and effortlessly integrate into your life.

This DVD contains several fundamental techniques to get you started. There are instructional videos and downloadable stress relief tip sheets (including a handy wallet card).

Our sincere mission is to assist everyone in relieving stress and improving the quality of your thinking.